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Save! Purchase 3 Square Wave in a Bundle. 
These original pieces of art, created by Ivan Black and handmade by expert artisans, are unique kinetic designs inspired by the Fibonacci sequence, the basic structure that is the make up of every living thing. This bundle includes: lunar gold, metallic silver and eclipse bronze. 
Each Square Wave is handmade and delivered with an elegant black finished packaging, making it the perfect gift, both original and unexpected.

Square Wave was designed by the award winning artist Ivan Black. His work reflects a fascination and kinship with the mathematical patterns found everywhere in nature e.g. waves, leaves, shells, the human form etc. Tending towards the minimalist in design, his work reveals how order silently governs our seemingly disorderly world.

Square Wave: original design by Ivan Black (UK).
Additional adaptation: Atellani Design Studio - Kinetrika
Materials: 100% sourced in Europe, 100% handmade in Italy.
Square Wave is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use (yes, you can hang it in your garden or patio).Each and every Square Wave is assembled by hand in the North of Italy, near Lake Como and tested for approval, making each one simply unique and original.Square Wave: 9.8 in x 9.8 in (25 cm X 25 cm). Weight approximately 0.24 Pounds / 110 g.Main component: S234JR pre-galvanized steel - highest quality chrome plated steel or the best plating available to make it durable and look precious and always amazing.The Stand: Height: 18.5 in. (47 cm). Diameter and the height of the base are 1.96 in. (50mm). Weight: 1.74 pounds / 790 g.Made of FE360 Steel & FE360+Carbon Steel (EU) with a Neodymium magnet (EU). Paint is certified and does not contain: nickel, gold, cadmium nor lead. Square Wave Stand is made in the EU.

The Stand and Square Wave are sold separately

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This offer includes:

Ivan Black sculptures

Square Wave
Lunar Gold

Mesmerizing kinetic sculpture

Square Wave
Metallic Silver

Bronze Kinetic Spinner Gif

Square Wave
Eclipse Bronze

unique and original

What is Square Wave

Bianka Square Wave by Atellani & Kinetrika
Kinetic Spinner Three Color

infinite combinations

Mind-bending Illusion


Balance your mind

Square Wave is made of steel and treated to be used in both indoor or outdoor environments


Perfect indoor and outdoor


About Ivan Black

Unique mechanisms to create moving sculptures
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