The New Horizon

An original kinetic sculpture designed by award winning artist Ivan Black.
Discover New Horizons

Discover New Horizons

Quality Made To Endure

Square Wave Horizon is designed with quality and attention to detail in mind, every facet of our production process is perfected to create beautiful works of art; Square Wave Horizon is the epitome of that process. The sculpture is made of a refined and lighter weight construction which allows it to flow with ease, performing a graceful dance involving softer, more minute movements. Our new stand is designed to keep your Square Wave in place at both ends so it can turn on its side with precision, creating the perfect spin, every time.

Horizon By Ivan Black
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Harmony and Elegance

Square Wave is simple yet sophisticated


Ivan Black


The perfect gift for someone special

We have all felt the frustration of trying to find the perfect gift, however, the long wait is over. Square Wave Horizon is beautiful and versatile, making it perfect for blending in to any environment while still never failing to impress. Square Wave isn’t only a toy, it is therapeutic; it can be beautiful home decor, or an educational object to absorb your fascination.


Surprise anyone with a truly original, high quality and made in Italy stunning gift

Stress Relieving Waves

square wave collection variations

Luxurious Packaging


The Many ways to enjoy your Horizon

Square Wave Horizon comes with a new custom designed stand included that also incorporates state of the art spin handles that allow you to both spin your Square Wave or let it rotate freely while still holding them. Just change the position of your fingers on the handles to change mode. Square Wave Horizon can also be removed from the stand, so you can always carry it with you. The custom designed spin handles can be removed from the stand as well and used on Horizon, so they can help you make your kinetic sculpture spin like a pro, at least until you master its subtle and mesmerizing moves. When attached together, multiple Square Waves become an original and precious decorative element, or a new art sculpture. Horizon is smaller than the classic Square Wave, yet it is extremely versatile. A stunning kinetic sculpture, a relaxing fidget spinner, a decorative element for your garden, the ultimate executive desk toy. Horizon is handmade in Italy and of 100% high quality stainless steel

Square Wave is a kinetic versatile sculpture
Square Wave Classic and Square Wave Horizon
Use Square Wave with or without the stand
The many ways to enjoy your Square Wave Horizon


I'm writing just to let you know that I just bought the new Square Wave version. I enjoyed very much the one that I pledged for on Kickstarter, so here I am again


I just received my Square Wave sculpture and immediately took it out of the box and started to play with it. It's a real visual treat! The mesmerizing patterns happen just like the videos online.


The Story of Kinetrika

Originally started as a crowdfunding campaign, Kinetrika was born as a fun division dedicated to kinetic toys created by the Italian design studio, Atellani. Our vision from the beginning was to offer beautiful pieces of kinetic art to a wider audience at an affordable price, while not compromising quality. After our strong success on Kickstarter, we expanded our original Square Wave collection with a variety of coloured sculptures. Each of these incredible sculptures are handcrafted in small batches by our Italian artisans. All our kinetic sculptures are made of the highest quality Italian materials. Because of Ivan Black’s focus on the simplicity of beauty, harmony and elegance, our sculptures are versatile and fit for any environment.